About Us

Blue Point Holdings  is focused on creating superior long-term returns for shareholders through a unique structure of diversified public and non-public holdings. Today, Blue Point Holdings is made up of four principal type of subsidiaries: such as exchange companies, real estate agencies all over the United States, Canada, Australia, England & Spain; Affiliated resorts all over the United States, The Caribbean, Latin America & Europe; and Touristic service providers in the United States, The Caribbean and Mexico.

Our corporate structure, investment philosophy and financial strength reflect management’s commitment to adhere to timeless principles of value investing. With strong cash flow and a large portfolio of cash and investments, Blue Point Holdings has the freedom to seize investment opportunities where we see value – and the resources to weather cyclical downturns. At Blue Point Holdings, we believe creating long-term value requires discipline, conservative financial policies, a management team with keen financial and analytical capabilities, subsidiary managers who are both experienced and empowered, and a forward-thinking vision to pursue constant reinvention.

At Blue Point Holdings, our view is long; we are students of history, of touristic market cycles and volatility. Our approach to value creation and capital allocation is driven by this perspective, resulting in a portfolio of touristic services that we believe is well positioned for the long term.

We rarely measure the significance of an event — or the return on an investment — over the short term. We do, however, take notice of near-term developments.

Vacation property repurchases are just one of the levers that we employ to grow shareholder value. Other levers include investing patiently in each of our subsidiaries, acquiring businesses at attractive valuations, and building our capital base. We are comfortable maintaining a sizable liquidity position if appropriate investment options do not present themselves, by acquiring this, we have the freedom, ability and flexibility to deploy our capital opportunistically.

In any given period, each of our subsidiaries can uncover new opportunities or face difficult challenges. Our conservatively managed balance sheet can help our subsidiaries ride out the challenges or take advantage of changing market dynamics to emerge stronger and better positioned.

Blue Point Holdings provides one of the best vacation property resale services in the world. We pride ourselves in having a sincere, honest approach to this controversial industry. We have offices located throughout the United States and Mexico

If you are interested in getting the best prices for your timeshare, our friendly and professional staff will assess the current value of your property, and work hard to accomplish our goal; and our goal is to fulfill your expectations.

If you would like to buy into a vacation club, but do not want to waste your time on buying directly from the resort, then Blue Point Holdings marketing services is here to help you out! The happiness of our sellers and the satisfaction of our buyers are the keys to the success of our company.

Satisfied Customers 16,210
Hours Worked 936,981
Projects Completed 13,329